How To Make You Urinate

By | June 19, 2022

If you have to urinate because of a urine test, or if you haven’t urinated for several hours and you can’t, several things will help. These include beverage and food consumption, a few simple activities and even professional treatment. In this article, you will learn how to do it.

Induction of urination

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Lean forward. Sit down and lean forward, engaging the muscles in the lower abdomen as if you were going big. The contracted muscles will also affect your bladder.

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Push on your lower abdomen. While in the forward bend, place your forearms on the lower abdomen and gently push. Do not push directly on the bladder, urine could begin to return to your kidneys.

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Drum your fingers on your bladder. Repeatedly drum your fingertips on the area under the navel. Drum faster than once per second, for about half a minute. If necessary, drumming for the best place to start the flow of urine.

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Stimulate the inner thighs and genital area. If you rub on the inside of the thighs or in the genital area, you can stimulate the bladder nerves and cause urination.

Food and drink

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Drink more water. As you drink more fluids, you will start to urinate. When you drink clean water, the kidneys will not have to filter other substances, so the water gets into your bladder relatively quickly.

Excessive drinking of water will not harm you. If the body absorbs more fluids, the kidneys simply excrete them by urinating. If you know you need to urinate from a doctor, for example, drink a glass of water or two before you go to the doctor’s office.

However, if you suffer from heart irregularities or other illnesses that cause swelling, you should limit your fluid intake.

If you’re not ashamed to urinate in public, don’t overdo it. If you drink eight glasses of water before visiting a doctor, urination should not be a problem.

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Try certain fruits. Some fruits have diuretic effects, which means that more urine is produced.

These include cranberries, celery, parsley, asparagus, artichokes, watermelon, watercress, apple cider vinegar, beets, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and onions.

Watermelon got its name due to its high water content. If you find a watermelon, your body will get fluid and urination will be easier.

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Various fruit products such as apple cider and cranberry juice also serve as diuretics. You can drink cranberry juice during the day and apple cider or vinegar is added to the salad dressings.

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Try an herbal diuretic. Some herbs naturally increase urine production. You can take them in the form of teas or tablets. Never exceed the recommended dosage.

Antioxidants in parsley can cause urination.

Coriander causes urination but also lowers blood pressure and regulates the digestive system.

Garlic is beneficial in several respects. It strengthens the immune system and serves as a natural diuretic.

Ginger helps the body excrete fluid, if you add it to food, you can increase urination.

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Eat certain vegetables. Fruits and herbs are not the only natural diuretics. Certain vegetables can also cause urination.

Cucumber and celery have a high water content, which can help you increase your urine volume.

Carrots are great for a snack and if you have a few carrots before the urine test, it can help.

Cabbage, like cucumber, contains a high amount of water and promotes urination.

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Have a cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine drinks such as coffee, tea and soft drinks are naturally diuretic, so they will cause your body to excrete more fluids than you drink. If you need to urinate quickly, a cup of coffee can help you temporarily.

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Relieve constipation. If you have constipation, stool that you do not excrete from the body can push on the bladder and urination is more difficult. Add more fiber to your diet, exercise more, and see your doctor if constipation doesn’t improve.

If you want a big, do not hold back stool, you could make the constipation worse.

Overcome the shy bladder

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Practice progressive muscle relaxation. Many people have trouble urinating in public places. If this is also your problem, you should start practicing relaxation techniques to help you calm down in public toilets.

If you find a way not to concentrate on urination, your body will handle this process quite naturally. Soothing will help you thanks to progressive muscle relaxation.

Relax several muscle groups at the same time. Start by relaxing your neck and shoulders, continue with your torso, arms and hips. Follow below until you also release your legs and shins. Focus on relaxing your muscles and not on being in the public restroom. You will relax beautifully and this technique will help you urinate.

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Disperse. Like relaxation techniques, distraction can help you not to think about urinating. If you have to use a public restroom, find some distraction.

If you have a smartphone, you can read the news or play a song on your headphones.

You can also be distracted by your own thoughts. Find an idea, hum a song in your mind or tell a favorite quote. You can also imagine a place that calms you down. Just anything to get you out of the bathroom.

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Hold your breath. If you hold your breath, the amount of carbon dioxide in your system may increase, reducing your stress levels.

Exhale about 75% and hold your rest. Try to hold your breath for about 45 seconds.

Repeat the process to see if this technique has helped you. Some people are more stressed, so it’s a good idea to try these techniques at home.

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Seek the help of a psychiatrist. If you have problems urinating in public, cause discomfort in the workplace or in other important situations, it would be good to seek professional help.

The shy bladder can be successfully treated with behavioral therapy, medications and hypnotherapies. Your psychiatrist best teaches appropriate treatment.

If you are ashamed to go to a psychiatrist, contact your GP or family and have a good recommendation.

Professional help

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See a doctor and ask for a diagnosis. If you have a shy bladder or have difficulty urinating for several days or weeks, you should see a doctor. There are several diseases that cause difficulty urinating, and if you want to get rid of this problem, you will need to find out what you are suffering from.

Your doctor will do an examination for you, and if you are a man, he will probably examine your prostate as well.

If your doctor considers it necessary to take a urine sample, he or she may question you. The catheterization is performed by inserting a tube into the bladder and the urine is let into a special bag.

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Blood tests may also be needed to rule out infection.

Treatment depends on the problem, there are a number of treatment options.

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If necessary, go to the emergency room. Inability to urinate can sometimes be a serious problem that requires you to seek emergency care. If you have these problems, do not hesitate:

An acute and painful bladder sensation can be a sign of a bladder obstruction. See a doctor immediately, you may need to drain your bladder.

Sudden and painful urinary retention can be very serious. Without immediate treatment, kidney or bladder damage may occur, so go to the emergency room now.

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Try medication. Ask your doctor what medication to recommend.

Alpha receptor blockers. These drugs relax the muscles around the bladder and improve the internal flow of urine.

These medications help with urinary incontinence.

Your doctor may prescribe medication to shrink your prostate. They are 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and include finasteride and dutasteride. These drugs are used to treat an enlarged prostate, but they can also help cure acute urinary tract obstruction that is not associated with the prostate.

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Ask your doctor to determine why you have problems urinating. There is usually a cause for urinary problems. Your doctor may perform a series of tests to help you determine this cause.

Men usually have problems with an enlarged prostate that prevents them from urinating. It usually appears at an advanced age. The older you are, the more likely you are to have trouble urinating.

Men should be treated for an enlarged prostate. In older men, an enlarged prostate is a common problem and often causes difficulty urinating.

If your doctor finds that you have bacteria in your urine, he will prescribe antibiotics to treat your urinary tract infection.

Other symptoms of a urinary tract infection include pain when urinating, cloudy urine, dark urine, or a sudden need to urinate.

The first test usually diagnoses an infection in a laboratory analysis that shows the amount of white and red blood cells or bacteria.

Another common test is the bacterial test. Your urine will be tested for bacteria. Thanks to this test, your doctor will be able to prescribe the most effective antibiotics.

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