3 Ways To Get Rid Of Genital Warts At Home

By | June 8, 2022

Warts are benign tumors on the surface of the skin that arise as a result of infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). Genital warts are caused by several types of HPV and are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact during sexual intercourse. Maybe you will immediately be frightened when you see warts on the genitals. However, be aware that genital warts are the most common sexually transmitted disease. If you feel uncomfortable, visit a doctor to discuss treatments that can be applied at home. There are many options to ease the symptoms and speed up your recovery![1] X Research sources

Using Treatment Prescribed by a Doctor

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

See a doctor if you feel itchy, hot, and sore. If genital warts make you very uncomfortable, see a doctor. Ask if there is a prescription for pain and itching relief. Describe your symptoms clearly and answer any questions your doctor may ask so he or she can recommend the best treatment.

Your doctor should be able to diagnose genital warts just by looking at them. The warts may be flat or lumpy, one or many in number. The color resembles flesh, pink, or brown.

To diagnose genital warts, the doctor may apply a solution of acetic acid to the genital area to whiten the skin so that the warts are easy to see.

If you are a woman, your doctor may ask you to take a pregnancy test because some treatments are not recommended for pregnant women. If it turns out you are pregnant, genital warts can be removed by freezing or surgery.

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Use a podophyllotoxin (Podofilox) solution, gel, or cream twice daily for 3 days. Wash your hands and the wart area with soap and water. Pat the skin dry with a clean towel. Then, apply the ointment with a cotton swab or finger. Use only a small amount of the ointment as directed. Then, wait 4 days or as long as the doctor has instructed. You may have to repeat this treatment until the wart is gone, which can sometimes take 4 to 5 weeks.

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Have your doctor apply the ointment the first time so you can see how.

You can repeat this treatment for up to 4 cycles.

In some cases, Podofilox can cause mild skin irritation.

Do not use this treatment if you are pregnant.

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Use Imiquimod 5% cream three times a week at bedtime. Your doctor may prescribe Imiquimod, a cream that stimulates the body’s production of chemicals that strengthen the immune system. Apply a thin layer of cream to the wart area with clean fingers or a cotton swab . Do it 3 times a week for up to 16 weeks. Ideally, apply the cream at night and wash off in the morning, 6–10 hours later.

Clean the cream with water and mild soap.

Continue treatment for up to 16 weeks, or until the wart is gone.

Note that Imiquimod can weaken condoms and vaginal diaphragms.

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Apply Sinecatechin 15% ointment three times a day. Sinecatechin is a green tea extract that is prescribed for genital warts as a home remedy. Use this ointment three times a day with clean fingers, making sure you apply a thin layer for up to 16 weeks. After applying, do not wash.

The most common side effects are redness, itching, and a burning sensation.

Sexual contact should be avoided when using this ointment.

Shorten Recovery Time

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Quit smoking to increase the body’s strength to recover. Most treatments for genital warts will be more effective in nonsmokers than smokers. Smoking can worsen health and reduce the body’s ability to recover quickly. Ask your doctor about the best smoking cessation program, which may involve nicotine replacement therapy or medication.

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3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Avoid sex while recovering. Genital, oral, and anal sexual contact can irritate infected skin and slow recovery. Avoid sexual activity until the wart is completely healed. By avoiding sexual intercourse, you will not pass the virus on to your partner.

Wear a condom for the first 3 months after the wart is gone because the virus may still be active in the skin cells.

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Use mild, unscented soaps and lotions to avoid skin irritation. Soaps, bath oils, creams, and scented lotions can irritate already sensitive skin. The irritation will slow down the wart’s recovery. To avoid this problem, use a mild soap when bathing, and an unscented cream or body lotion.

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Keep skin clean and dry between showers. Moisture and bacteria can prevent warts from healing. To speed up the recovery process, make sure you keep your skin clean with mild soap and water. Dry the area by patting a clean towel.

If your skin is very sensitive, dry it completely before dressing.

Do not clean the wart area more than 4 times a day.

Prevents Genital Warts and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Ask your doctor about the HPV vaccine. HPV is a disease that is easily transmitted and can cause genital warts and other problems. To avoid this, talk to your doctor about the HPV vaccine. Your doctor will give you the best vaccine brand for you.

The HPV vaccine can also reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Use condoms or dental dams during sexual intercourse. To avoid sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts, wear protection during oral, anal, and vaginal sex. Purchase condoms and dental dams from a pharmacy, convenience store, or online. You can also get it from the puskesmas, family planning service center, or doctor’s clinic.

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3 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Kutil Kelamin di Rumah

Discuss sexually transmitted diseases with your partner before having sex. Talk about genital warts and other sexually transmitted diseases before having sex with a new partner. If you know that your partner has a sexually transmitted disease, you can take preventive steps. Make sure you and your partner agree to use protection during sexual intercourse.

Avoid sex with partners who don’t want to use protection or discuss sexually transmitted diseases.

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